amsaor, Our Thoughts, Your Time!

amsaor is based on a very simple principle, in short we encourage our members to Discover new activities that they might enjoy, to Experience what it is like to try these activities, to Explore the possibility of learning more about the activity & to Participate in the activity. We call it the DEEP principle!

All amsaor events conform to this principle and as such the amsaor Social Calendar has been designed to offer a large variety of events for our member’s enjoyment but also to ensure it offers a good mix of costs to meet all levels of budget. For details on each of the events types check out the DEEP Principle

Each month there are a low cost, and sometimes free, events organised, this means that even in the difficult times we are currently experiencing amsaor members can still enjoy all the benefits of membership without always having to hand over large amounts of money. Either way you can rest assured that while there may be costs associated with an event we will have strived to arrange the best possible price for our members.

amsaor events range from single activity events over the course of a couple of hours to multiple activity events run over a full day right up to our mini weekend breaks & holidays which can be dedicated to a single activity or combining a number of activities that complement each other.

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