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At amsaor the events we design & offer our members may include one or many of the different activity types available within our activity library.

This approach enables us to dedicate an event to a specific activity discipline & group of members or alternatively to extend the event allowing different disciplines to get together by including different activities that complement each other packaged into one.

A sample of these activities are listed in the activity categories below. As a registered member you will be given access to the amsaor catalogue of activities along with the ability to record your level of interest in a particular activity so that when we design events we are sure we have an audience to offer them to!

When the activity requires it we use a suitably qualified expert with the appropriate training & expertise to ensure our members are safe at all times while enjoying our events.


For anyone who likes to get out & about, to catch up with friends and enjoy the various entertainment opportunities that a vibrant modern city like Dublin offers, with its many restaurants, bars, theatres, cinemas & concert venues.

The amsaor social scene includes events offering a mix of social & entertainment activities that allow our members to get together to catch up with old friends and meet new one’s while enjoying some of our great city’s entertainment options. Some of these activities are…….

Theatre Nights
Dining Out (Social Drinks)
City Walks
Scavenger Hunts
Social Quiz Nights
Treasure Hunts
Social Drinks


In the hectic world that ours has become quite often we forget about taking care of ourselves, our minds & our bodies and as a result we often feel lethargic & tired or just plain bored.

We often think about making changes to our lifestyle but unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, rarely succeed in achieving all our ambitions.

So regardless of whether you are thinking exercise, diet or just simple self indulgence we have designed different events that enable our members to make it easier to think “all about me” for a change.

These events combine a number of different health & wellbeing activities and offer our members an easier solution to their lifestyle change issues!!

Some of the activities included in our events are:

Hill Walking
Roller Blading
Retail Therapy


Not so much the plaid jacket, leather elbow patched professor types but more for the member who enjoys the possibility of discovering, experiencing & learning about the many different societies & their populations of this world that we live in.

It’s about enjoying the various different elements that together define the different societies & cultures around the world. These different elements included in our events are:

Culinary Crafts
Wine Appreciation & Tasting
Architectural Designs
Guided Tours
Sightseeing (Urban & Landscape)


For the member who wants to push the limits and try out new & exciting adventurous activities. To get the adrenaline pumping & experience the feeling of the danger rush!!

Maybe you are already qualified in a particular discipline like Scuba Diving or Mountaineering & want to get out more to enjoy your activity but have not had the time or the colleagues to organise everything.

Maybe you have always planned to start a particular adventure pastime but just never managed to get around to organising it or maybe your friend who was to do it with you was just never “available”

Maybe you are just curious about a particular type of adventure activity and would like to find out more about it before you decide if you would like to do it.

Whatever your reason, at amsaor we have a selection of adventure activities that range from the extreme to the easier going outdoor pursuit that should suit even the most timid adventurer!!

Some of the activities* organised within our adventure events are:

Scuba Diving
Horse Riding
Power Boating

*where required amsaor only use qualified, experienced & insured companies to provide the adventure activities for our events


So when you are not out diving to the bottom of an ocean, visiting a museum or cathedral or enjoying a night out with your amsaor friends it’s good to be able to catch up on your leisure time! On a day to day basis it is always good to balance your time between work & leisure.

So no matter if you like some or all of the other activity categories everyone enjoys some down time and the various possible leisurely pursuits as a way to wind down & relax.

We have included a number of leisurely activities in our events like:

Bird Watching
Pitch & Putt
Laser Skirmish
Marine Life

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