About Us

amsaor, Something for Everyone!

amsaor meaning “spare time” is derived from the Irish words am meaning “time” & saor meaning “spare” or “free”.

amsaor is about getting different groups of people together on a regular basis to enjoy the many different types of activity on offer. The amsaor Social Calendar consists of a variety of events that contain something for everyone, which means not only events that contain activities suitable to all but also that we attract members of all categories, all ages, all different personal situations single, coupled or married makes no difference to us.

To amsaor the success or otherwise of all our events is primarilry based on two critical components.

Firstly it’s all about the “experience”, we want our members to enjoy the activity they have chosen to participate in. We ensure this is the case by carefully selecting suitable providers of the activity, providers that offer the best, most knowledgeable experts to make participation in this event as memorable & enjoyable an experience as is possible.

However while important, the experience is only one part of the overall event, the “environment” is also of the utmost importance. By environment we mean the logistics i.e. making sure everything runs correctly & on time, making sure that the services that accompany an activity such as transport, accommodation or catering along with the various venues are to the highest standard. It means that we always try to group members of equal levels of activity proficiency & age ranges so that it provides a comfortable & acceptable “environment” that serves to enhance the overall “experience” that our members get to enjoy & remember.

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