Our Approach

amsaor, Social Events By Design

So what do we do?

At amsaor the events we design & package are made up of one or many different exciting & interesting activities. These events are then included in the amsaor Social Calendar and members can choose to take part in the events if they wish.

We have a large catalogue of activities that range from passive leisure activities, such as cultural activities like museum trips and exhibitions, up to active outdoor pursuits, such as trekking, kayaking and scuba diving, along with extreme activities such as caving, parachuting or rock climbing.

We also arrange classes in a number of topics from learning a foreign language to mastering the art of cooking or learning the basics of home DIY to learning how to ride a horse or even fly a plane!

While some of our events may be dedicated to a particular activity such as a scuba diving weekend, or a cinema night many are designed to combine a number of these different activity types so that we can suit the range of tastes of our members thereby offering an attractive option to a broad section of our membership.

As you can see the possible combinations are endless and that means there will always be something that you like to do available for you to do whether you are an extreme outdoor sport enthusiast, a more sedate active leisure participant, a cultural boffin or a social entertainment player there is always something to suit your taste at amsaor!

How do we do it?

Well it’s quite simple really, we ask you what you want to do and we do it!

It’s all about communication, what’s the point in organising events that no one is really interested in so with this in mind we aim to match the activities in our catalogue to the interests of our members.

Once an event is entered on the amsaor social calendar we send an invitation to all members who expressed an interest in any activity contained in that event through email or text and notify them that the particular details of the event are available to view on the Social Calendar section of the member’s area of amsaor.ie. All event places can be booked directly from the individual event details page.

How do you let us know what it is you want to do?

When you join amsaor we ask you to complete a simple, quick questionnaire that details our activities list and you tell us what activities you like to do, what activities you would be interested in doing and those activities that you would have no interest in doing whatsoever.

We then use this information to design and package our events using the most appropriate activities & service providers from our panel of providers to give our members a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

What if our activity list does not include one you really want to do?

While we have an extensive list of activities in our catalogue it is by no means exhaustive, after all it is a big world out there, so we ask that you let us know what the missing activity is and we will do the research, include it in our catalogue and then offer it to you & your fellow members.

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