amsaor prides itself on the service we offer our members from the choice of events to the quality & attitude of our crew however this is only a piece of what we are about, as part of our operation amsaor regularly use the facilities of many different activity and service providers throughout Ireland.

We have established a panel of providers that we refer to when designing our calendar of events enabling us to choose one that will offer the best and most appropriate facilities to meet our needs based on a variety of factors including cost, location & quality of their particular service.

The key elements of success for amsaor events are the Environment in which our members will participate and the Experience they have during the course of the event. This means that when selecting a provider to use, both the facilities, such as the venue, equipment, transport or accommodation, in addition to quality of the service provided, by a particular activity expert, tour guide, driver or restaurant staff are always a major consideration for amsaor.

At amsaor we have very high expectations of all our providers, we look for providers we can rely on, providers who:

1. Operate to the same high standard of customer service that we do
2. Have the same ideals as amsaor
3. Will take care of our members while in your environment

Our providers operate as an amsaor partner, available to engage with our membership throughout the events of the amsaor DEEP principle, above all our providers must deliver exceptional knowledge, expertise and services based on a competitive pricing model so that we can offer our members the best events at the best prices.

And in return…….
as part of the amsaor team, our partner providers can expect,

1. The opportunity to showcase your activity or service through our Discovery series of events
2. An audience of our members who have expressed an interest in finding out more about your particular activity
3. The potential for recurring business with a growing and diverse membership in an increasing geographical market

If you are interested in joining the amsaor provider panel or would like to find out more about amsaor and our operation just complete the provider registration or enquiry forms below and we will get back to you. A copy of our provider brochure is available to download here.

To register as an amsaor provider or to send amsaor an enquiry please use one of our online forms

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