If you like what you have read so far, no doubt you have lots of questions, in anticipation of this we have listed some of the more common enquires below for you to review. If you do not find an answer to your question here please let us know. Just complete our online ask us a question form and we will get back to you!

What is amsaor?

amsaor is a activity & social group that offers our members an extensive list of events, designed & organised based on the activity preferences of our members.

What does membership with amsaor give me?

A member subscription to amsaor will offer the member the opportunity to access the “members section” of the amsaor.ie website. It also offers privileged access to all the different events that are organised & run throughout the year. Check out our membership page for full details.

How many events does amsaor run?

The number of events we run on a weekly or monthly basis is directly related to the number of active members we have participating. At a minimum, we will always run at least 4 events per month.

Why do I pay for membership?

Your annual amsaor subscription is used to assist in covering the various expenses we as a company incur to allow our business to operate. These expenses include event research & design, marketing & advertising, staff salaries, insurance, rates & rent etc.

Why do I have to pay for events when I also pay for membership?

All event costs consist of the individual participant ticket prices (including handling charges) of the various activities included in that event along with any associated administration costs incurred in the running of the individual events.

Does amsaor offer an online user forum facility?

No, as amsaor is a activity & social group rather than a social networking website, we do not offer an online user forum. However we will be releasing our official Facebook page soon, so that our members can follow our progress. Our events are designed to encourage social interaction among our members, thereby removing any need for an online user forum.

Does amsaor allow members to complete and publish a personal profile online?

No, as amsaor is a activity & social group rather than a social networking website, the only profile that our members complete is an amsaor member activity preference profile. This is the information that we use to assist us in researching & designing our different events. In addition to this, members will complete a membership application form detailing their personal details for our records, however this information is kept private & confidential and is for amsaor use only.

Can I search other member’s profiles?

No, this information is kept private & confidential and is for amsaor use only.

How can I pay my membership subscription?

For ease, convenience & safety we have multiple methods of payment for membership subscriptions. These include online payments via PayPal, online transfers from your own account to ours via 24hr banking or directly through a bank lodgement slip. We also offer different subscription types and payment frequencies. Full details are available on the membership page of amsaor.ie.

Can I have a say in the types of activities & events that amsaor offer?

Absolutely, the entire amsaor approach is to enable & empower our members to let us know the types of activities they like and those that they would like to see included in our activity library. This information is captured in the amsaor member’s activity preference profile and we use it to assist us in the research & design of our events.

Why would I join amsaor when there are other “websites” that offer similar facilities for free?

amsaor is an activity & social group and as such the services offered are very different to what is offered by some of the social network websites that are available for the public to join for free.
While use of these websites is free & the facilities they offer allow users to search for & communicate with each other online, it is the anonymous nature of these user profiles and contacts that we, at amsaor, are not keen on. All amsaor members use their real name, not a made up “user name”. Communication is face to face, at an amsaor organised event, rather than online thereby removing the whole anonymous user issues.
While the owners of these websites will arrange periodic events for their members, usually however, it is up to the users themselves to arrange their own events among themselves e.g. to meet up, go for drinks etc. this means they have to do all the organising & planning themselves. Whereas in amsaor we do all the ground work for you so that you are free to just turn up & enjoy the event without the hassle!

Where do amsaor run their events?

Currently amsaor is primarily based in Dublin, however, while this is our operational base, our events are run throughout the city & country. Obviously every event is different, however when we plan our calendar of events, for each event we take into consideration the location of our members, in particular those who have indicated they were interested in the activities contained in the scheduled event. The proximity of the most suitable activity or service provider depending on the event type is also taken into consideration. This enables amsaor to operate both as a local & national activity & social group for our members.

What is the age group of amsaor members?

amsaor does not have a particular age group. Our extensive library of activities is such that they are suited to many different age profiles depending on the members own preferences. We welcome members of all ages however we believe that it is necessary to ensure that participants of a particular event have some characteristics in common. Age, along with activity proficiency, is one of these characteristics and we ensure that our events are attended by members who are of a similar age profile & experience level in order to enhance both the event environment and our member’s event experience.

Why should I join amsaor?

As a structured private members group we, on behalf of our members:
o Manage our member’s information & activity profiles confidentially rather that making them public online for other people to search & review.
o Encourage social interaction between our members through traditional social gatherings.
o Coordinate & facilitate the running of an active “calendar of events” to which all our members are invited to participate if they wish.
o Identify, research & negotiate with a large panel of providers to ensure we always have the best activity & service providers at the best price for our members.

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