amsaor, Taking the Stress Out Of Socialising!

Anyone taking an amsaor membership can expect to enjoy an active and expansive social calendar with new, exciting events combining a vast range of activities each month.

A membership with amsaor gives you…….

1. Access to a large variety of activities from casual leisure activities to more active pursuits

2. Local, regional, national and internationally run events

3. A real activity & social group rather than a virtual only presence which means our members get to meet the amsaor crew and other amsaor members at each event they attend

4. A dedicated event team who offer the best service to our members both behind the scenes researching & designing our social calendar and at the cold face enjoying the events and activities alongside our members

5. An opportunity to have an input into the amsaor social calendar based on our catalogue of activities that is constantly being updated and increased.

6. An extensive event calendar offering a large variety of events based on our unique DEEP Principle

7. Excellent value for money on event costs

8. A dedicated, unique and interactive member’s hub containing the amsaor activity library

When we started amsaor, we made a decision to have a membership subscription. This subscription is used to assist in covering the various expenses we, as a company, incur to allow our business to operate. These expenses include event research & design, marketing & advertising, staff salaries, insurance, rates & rent etc. It is the membership subscription that enables us to keep the cost of events as low as possible by ensuring the cost of these events is based entirely on the running of events only and in addition, when possible, to run free events for our members to enjoy.

amsaor offers flexible membership options with various payment methods, online through PayPal or by lodgement, designed to suit different personal situations, Individual or Joint, and budgets, pay annually, quarterly or monthly.

There are two types of amsaor membership available, you can choose from our Associate amsaor membership option or our Full amsaor membership.

Full amsaor Membership

For 2015 this membership costs €TBC per annum and is payable in annual, quarterly or monthly instalments, this membership gives you the full list of membership benefits and any free events, all you have to pay for are the individual events that attract a fee. For members who anticipate making the most of their time and taking part in at least two fee paying events per month this type of membership will suit best.

Associate amsaor Membership

If you are unsure how many events you will be able to take part in we have designed the Associate amsaor Membership, this membership costs €TBC per annum and provides you with all the listed membership benefits including any free events however there is an additional per event cost, above the regular event fee, for all other events.

To help you make up your mind amsaor are offering a four week full membership trial for free, just register your details, at the end of this time you can decide if you want to stay with us, we believe you will!

To register your details just complete the simple application form by clicking the “New Member Application Form” button below.

We are looking forward to meeting you on one of our many events!!

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